Am I Launching a Successful IndieGogo Campaign, or Falling to New Depths?

This soccer blog is all about my efforts to get to Africa. One way I am trying to get there is through crowd sourcing funding. I have now launched my second IndieGogo campaign for this project. My first raised a total of $15. Ten of those dollars were from my Mom. Not too impressive, right? I have since looked at my last campaign, sought the advice of friends with experience, done some reading, and launched a second campaign. Let’s look at what I’ve done differently on my Journey Getting There this time.

The first thing I did was reevaluate my ‘Perks,’ the gifts I give back to those who fund me. I moved them further down the chain of value so you get more gifts sooner in the funding pyramid. I hope this encourages funding in the lower end of things by giving people greater value for their investment in this project. This was first suggested to me by my dear friend Amy Jephta ( @thegravegirl on Twitter ), who’s advice caused me to change my perks on the first campaign. I believe it is demonstrable that I did not change them enough (ie; I got no funding!) to reach my goals. I was again told by Chris Cruthers, a coworker from my theatre days, that my perks needed a change. I took the hints from both and have really altered them this time around.

Another big step I’m taking is including more team partners. All too often I try to go it alone, and while I am doing the majority of the work again, the support and encouragement from my team is invaluable. A big big thanks to (here’s that name again) Amy Jephta, Kim Fowler, and Rebecca Copiat. If only behind every great man there were 3 great women, we would all be a success.

Last time around I spoke with a number of organizations that were interested in my project, but needed time to think, plan and organize. I am hoping that this time these groups have had the time they need and want to get on board. I suppose all I can do is keep talking to them, have those lines of communication open, and see what shakes out. My recently acquired friends over at the New York Cosmos have been a great help by tweeting out my articles and posting them to Facebook. With more friends like them on board I can’t help but succeed.

Last time I tried to do all my advertising online. This time around I have designed a flyer to post around Vancouver. I am planning on posting it around local soccer significant locations at first, and expand to busy areas of the city afterwards. What really shocked me was getting a cost estimate on the black and white flyers: my local print shop quoted me $7 for 200 flyers sized 8.5 by 11 inches. I thought it would be much more, I will very likely print off more. If you want to help advertise with flyers contact me ( and I can email you the flyer. I’d really appreciate that.

This is where I am at with trying to make this campaign a successful one. I may also add a video, but I haven’t crossed that bridge yet. I’m hesitant to cross the line between people reading my words and hearing my words, but it is probably one I will have to cross. So here is me hoping that these changes all add up to a successful second IndieGogo campaign. Please share in your social media circles and contribute!


About matthewryeoman

Matthew Yeoman is a freelance writer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He has written for Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Simply Computing, and WSI Milton. He has long been interested in soccer and Africa and has combined these two passions into the work you are reading on this site. Read up on his other work at
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