African Cup of Nations Soccer Highlights 2012

Part of why I want to go to South Africa is the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations taking place there. After watching this video I am even more psyched! Give it a watch yourself and see why.

Africa Cup of Nations Soccer Highlights 2012:

Yes, I want to go and profile these charitable organizations as outlined in my plan, that is my goal. Let’s be real here though: I’m also going to have the opportunity to watch some world class soccer!

Visit my funding page now on IndieGogo to contribute and be a part of this journey.


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Matthew Yeoman is a freelance writer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He has written for Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Simply Computing, and WSI Milton. He has long been interested in soccer and Africa and has combined these two passions into the work you are reading on this site. Read up on his other work at
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