The True Trip to South Africa Begins Soon

A picture of South Africa: How it was…..
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I’m taking a moment from the 2 full time jobs I’m working to let you all in on my plans and future movements toward Africa and the soccer organizations I will work with there.

I have booked my flight to South Africa. I will fly out of New York City on January 1 via Egypt Air. I will have an 11 hour layover in Cairo before continuing on to Johannesburg where I will stay for 1 month and watch some of the Africa Cup of Nations tournament and connect with some local soccer organizations. I will then head to Cape Town for the beginning of February. The visa I am applying for will be for 9 months.

What is there to say but I am slightly nervous, a bit excited and slightly detached. I keep telling people what I’m up to and they continue to act as if I am launching myself to the moon. Mentioning Africa puts strange thoughts in the minds of western people, to me it is another trip with the same anxiety as any other. I stopped fearing any trip the day I left home for parts unknown 5 years ago and walked in every shadow I could find along the way. Am I naive enough to believe the slums of South Africa will be like any walk through the slums of Vancouver? Or New York? Or any other North American city who’s dirt I’ve put my feet in? No. But I have learned you live your life or you do not.

And so much for that rambling philosophy. It is t-minus two weeks until I leave Vancouver and get this under way. What I would like to ask any of you reading who care to share: what would you be doing right now? Packing? Planning? Partying? Any other ‘P’? It would be great to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Matthew Yeoman is a freelance writer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He has written for Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Simply Computing, and WSI Milton. He has long been interested in soccer and Africa and has combined these two passions into the work you are reading on this site. Read up on his other work at
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